Buckley Field Young Marines

Est. 1995 Aurora, Colorado

To Join the Young Marines:

The next recruit training is expected to start in early March 2018. To be placed on the waiting list for the next recruit class please

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BFYM meets for Drill every Tuesday at the Aurora National Guard Armory from 6:00pm to 8:30pm.
55 S. Potomac St.
Aurora, Colorado 80012

Recruit Training

We lightly model our recruit training after Marine Corps Boot Camp.  Recruits will go through marching and drill classes in order to not only learn these skills but to also instill teamwork.  Physical training in the form of running, push-ups, situps, pull-ups and other excercises will be carried out during recruit training.  One Saturday during recruit training will be set aside for swim qualification.  The recruit will be intructed on basic water survival techniques at this time.  This is usually what most Young Marines recall as the "fun" part of recruit training.  The only overnight portion of recruit training is during the Field Training Excercise or FTX.  This is held very near the end of recruit training on Buckley Air Force Base.  Recruits will spend the weekend carrying out everything they have learned so far.  At the end of this culminating  experience parents will be asked to attend to watch their child receive their Young Marine patch signifying the end of being of Recruit and the beginning a being called a Young Marine. 

What it takes to be a Young Marine

At the start of Recruit Trianing you must be between the ages of 8 and 18.  Recruits must complete all portions of Recruit Training successfully.  The cost of Recruit Training will be calculated prior to the start.  This total will cover uniforms, learning materials, boots and water bottles.  Once issued these items are the responsibility of the recruit. 

Parental Involvement

As a Parent or guardian of a Recruit or YM, your involvement in the program is crucial for the success of your youth. We are not a babysitting service or a scared straight organization. We are an organization that will assist you in your youths development of Self-esteem, Physical fitness, self-discipline and a drug free life style Based on Marine Corp Values

More about Recruit Training

Training will take part over the course of a minimum of 12 weeks.  The majority of which will be held on regular Tuesday night drill at the National Guard Armory in Aurora, Colorado.  The Executive Officer of the BFYM is the Senior Drill Instrutor.  He is assisted by Active Duty Military and Former military personnel all of whom are referred to as Drill Instructors during Recruit Training.  These Drill Instructors will at times be assisted by Young Marines who have earned the honor of training recruits.  Recruits and Young Marines alike will be reminded of their responisibilities, ie. being on time, by being assigned push-ups or other comparable physical training. 


R. Lee Ermery-Official Spokesperson