Buckley Field Young Marines

Est. 1995 Aurora, Colorado

Special Thanks

Each year we hold a recruit training and many of the Active duty and Reserves personnel will come out to lend a helping hand.  These individuals also help with special events when needed.  Without their expertise Buckley field would not be nearly as successful.  We extend a very special thanks to all of you and any we may have left out

Staff of Buckley Field Young Marines

Every position is filled by a volunteer.

Commanding Officer

Michael T.  Sheppard

CO Sheppard has held this title at Buckley Field since 1997.  He became involved in the program when his wife, Kathy, decided to enroll their son, Ryan, and daughter, Shira, in the 1996 recruit training.   Being a Former Marine (1986-1990) he immediately became involved as a volunteer and soon took over as Commanding Officer.  This position is an elected one to serve as leader of the unit by assuming responsibility of everything the Unit does or fails to do.  Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard are also animal lovers and have a dog and a fish.
Marine Sheppard Just celabrated his 20th Aniversary as CO of Buckley Field Young Marines! Semper Fi Devil Dog!!!

Executive Officer

Loren Funk

XO Funk also a Former Marine came to be a volunteer at BFYM when his youngest son joined the Young Marines.  He has been serving as the Executive Officer since 2005.   


Tina Sisco

Training Officer

John Trujillo

Parent Support Officer

Cyrstina Buckley

The PSO is the go to person for parents of Young Marines. 


Rachel Sundwall / Kathey Sheppard

Rachel Sundwall became a part of Young Marines in 2008 as a recruit in Buckley Field. After she graduated high school, she was discharged from the Young Marines, she decided to join the staff in hopes to inspire other Young Marines and assist in the program she knows and loves! She has a heart for the military, loves the Broncos, and doesn't slow down for much. Holding the title of "adjutant" is a challenge, but more than an honor!. 

Kathy Sheppard had children in the program back in 1995 and has been involved ever since!!